"Teaching Ancient Wisdom Ways~~In Modern Times"

"Guiding Women To Follow Their Heart and Lead With Their Wisdom" Life's greatest lessons are learned from nature and from those who have lived before us. A Nature Based Practice and Nature Based Feminine Leadership Facilitator

Creating Balance Mini Retreats

Creating Balance Mini Retreats – Where Body, Mind and Soul Become One

An opportunity for you to bring back Harmony and Balance in your Life!

One on One Mini Retreats in Ft. Myers Florida

Sacred Ways Level 1


Sacred Ways Level 1 – Available to only 6 Students

We meet every second weekend of the month beginning in Novemeber

Discover The Alchemy In The Land – In each of the modules we will have Land Medicine Sits which allow each individual to receive support and guidance from the land as well as giving back to the land.  What does the land of SW Florida have to offer you!

Fall Prices – $20.00 off each module Now !177.00 per Module

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Holiday Specials

Holiday Special:

Receive a Discount off of selected services; you must pre-pay for your service.  If you are purchasing for another individual; please put your name and the recipients name in the comment box when you check out.  You can also call me at 239-826-6960 or email me at healingthrubodywork@embarqmail.com.

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The Goddess is the most potent and persistent feature in the archaeological records of...


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