"Teaching Ancient Wisdom Ways~~In Modern Times"

"Guiding Women To Follow Their Heart and Lead With Their Wisdom" Life's greatest lessons are learned from nature and from those who have lived before us. A Nature Based Practice and Nature Based Feminine Leadership Facilitator

Events & Workshops

  A Day of Healing  Select Either AM or PM Session

 Every 3rd Saturday of the Month for 8 Ladies Per Session 

$35.00 Per Lady 8 Ladies Per Session–  Take some time out of your busy schedule and carve some sacred time for yourself.  Every 3rd Saturday enjoy a class, or group healing and meditation (this will vary from month to month) Join Dolores and at times guest practitioners; as they navigate you through an educational class or workshop that usually will last 60-75 minutes; then there will either be a group healing that will last for the hour or individual card readings or healings that will last around 10 minutes per lady while you wait in the temple and enjoy the sound therapy music that is playing.  Various healing tools you will be able to use as you wait for your sacred reading or healing (some months there will be only class no readings).  AM Session is from 9:30 – 12:30 and PM Session is from 1:30 – 4:30  Paid Readings by Local Readers are an additional Fee

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Sacred Ways Level 1

Sacred Ways Level 1 – Available to only 6 Students

We meet every second weekend of the month beginning in Novemeber

Discover The Alchemy In The Land – In each of the modules we will have Land Medicine Sits which allow each individual to receive support and guidance from the land as well as giving back to the land.  What does the land of SW Florida have to offer you!

Fall Prices until Sept 27 – $20.00 off each module Now !177.00 per Module

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Monthly Special

September Healing Session

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Seasonal Energy Session

A seasonal energy session works with the energy of that particular seasonal change of mother earth.  Very similar to a Reiki Session, in that you stay fully clothed and hand placements are performed on the body.  Each particular seasonal cycle reflects a change on the inside of our soul; Dolores integrates this seasonal energy to guide you on your own personal journey.  This session will be all about the season of Fall and falling back into our bodies.

Reg. $80.00 Now $60.00

Nature Speaks Oracle Reading

If you or someone you know is having difficulty in some area of their life, or had a traumatic or unsettling incident occur in their home, a cleansing, ceremony or reading can also be beneficial. This type of reading is a guide to what is in your current energy to help you discover what message from Spirit needs to be clarified to you. After your reading Dolores will do a healing drum ceremony to enhance the reading. Some of the decks used are from Lisa Michaels, Women Runes and Ted Andrews deck. 

Reg. $45.00 Now $30.00

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Events & Workshops

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