"Teaching Ancient Wisdom Ways~~In Modern Times"

"Guiding Women To Follow Their Heart and Lead With Their Wisdom" Life's greatest lessons are learned from nature and from those who have lived before us. A Nature Based Practice and Nature Based Feminine Leadership Facilitator

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  A Day of Healing  Select Either AM or PM Session

 Every 3rd Saturday of the Month for 8 Ladies Per Session 

$35.00 Per Lady 8 Ladies Per Session–  Take some time out of your busy schedule and carve some sacred time for yourself.  Every 3rd Saturday enjoy a class, or group healing and meditation (this will vary from month to month) Join Dolores and at times guest practitioners; as they navigate you through an educational class or workshop that usually will last 60-75 minutes; then there will either be a group healing that will last for the hour or individual card readings or healings that will last around 10 minutes per lady while you wait in the temple and enjoy the sound therapy music that is playing.  Various healing tools you will be able to use as you wait for your sacred reading or healing (some months there will be only class no readings).  AM Session is from 9:30 – 12:30 and PM Session is from 1:30 – 4:30  Paid Readings by Local Readers are an additional Fee

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Unleash your Reiki Energy….Learn to work with the natrual flow of the universe as it greatly improves your stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the bodies natural healing abilities.   Many ancient cultures, including the Japanese, Chinese, Indians and Egyptians embraced the belief that life energy flowed through the body deeply affecting our bodies, minds and emotions. Current research strongly suggests that energy does extend throughout and beyond the physical body, and that disruptions or imbalances in its flow correlate to physical, mental and emotional illnesses. The healing art of Reiki (pronounced “RAY-key”) addresses these imbalances to support your good health and well-being.


Monthly Special

July & August Healing Session

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Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory …They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of diseased and out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul.

This includes a shoulder/neck/head massage before we begin with the Tibetan Singing Bowls

The sounds generated by Tibetan Singing Bowls are a type of energy medicine that promote healing from stress disorders, pain, depression, and most forms of dis-ease.

Healing processes are initiated through entraining our brainwaves to synchronise with the perfect resonance of the bowls. Unique tones create the perfect state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages.

The pure sonic waves that ring from Tibetan Singing Bowls wake up our ability to hear with more than our ears. We feel the sound Tibetan Singing Bowls as much as we take it in with our ears.

60 Minutes Session Reg. $90.00   Now $45.00


LuminEssence FaceLifting Massage™ (a trademark service)

What is the LuminEssence FaceLifting Massage?

It is a combination of massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, and acupressure points to assist in regenerating collagen and elastin tissue which helps to tighten, tone and firm your skin while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.  The use of hot towels to help melt your stress away and the signature banana leaves to add to a treatment that will leave you grounded and glowing.  This 60 minute pampering treatment includes massaging your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and feet for a full body experience.

Reg $75.00  Now $55.00


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Events & Workshops

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