Dolores J. Gozzi (MA#37360) is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Creation Coach and Healer who supports women on their soul life’s journey and life purpose through ceremonies, readings, healings and women’s retreats. Dolores integrates the elements and nature into her unique healing work for a holistic process that results in long-lasting health and vitality.

Healing Thru Bodywork, Dolores utilizes a variety of massage techniques to provide a complete range of natural healing solutions that balance the body and mind. Her nature-inspired programs, healings, women retreats and creation coaching are designed to educate, empower and engage others in the healing powers each of them already hold and of the surrounding environment.

Dolores’s mission is to help and support women re-connect with their inner strength and to offer her spiritual knowledge of nature’s seasonal changes and abundance to enhance their inner gifts and talents.​



My Experience with a Shaman

​With her own life-changing experience with a shaman who was her client, Dolores had an awakening about Mother Earth and her deep powers to heal others through nature’s cycles, elements and seasons.

“Working with the creation forces of nature to make a supportive difference in the lives of others”

Mother Earth has always known that after a storm, a change of brightness and lightness can occur through a rainbow of colors.  It is this rainbow that reflects our change throughout our dance of life’s harvest.

​His Spirit showed me he was very connected to “Mother Earth” and was passing the torch to me continue.

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Dolores J. Gozzi

Creation Coach & Nature Based Mystic Energy Healer


30 Minute Complimentary Coaching Session

A Private Journey Session can help you connect to your sacred essence and align your dreams with the organic world in order to naturally bring your desires into form.