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Dolores J. Gozzi (MA#37360) is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Earth Medicine Practitioner and High Priestess who supports women on their soul life’s journey through ceremonies, readings, healings and Women’s Retreats.

At Wisdom of The Sacred Dolores utilizes a variety of alternative therapy techniques to provide a complete range of natural healing solutions that balance the body and mind. Her nature-inspired programs include working with the five elements of life: earth, water, air, fire and spirit.

“I have found this newest venture very helpful in my own life, and in having a better understanding of my patients,” she says.

While Dolores had always been interested in nature, it wasn’t until she was afforded the opportunity to work with a Shaman at a local hospice at the end of his life that she truly understood its significance. Today, her “Nature Based Programs” are designed to educate, empower and engage others in the healing powers of the surrounding environment and connect to the wisdom of the Ancient Ways.

Dolores is actively involved in her community and is a member of the   Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) . Besides therapeutic and relaxing bodywork services, she offers continuing education, through which she is able to enlighten others by way of classes and workshops that promote healing.