Becoming One With Nature

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Becoming One With Nature

Becoming One with Nature

by Dolores J. Gozzi

We are constantly seeking balance in our lives. We look to our homes, jobs, and the environment and contemplate ways to find a connection that will bring peace, happiness, and harmony. Striving to become one with nature and the elements is a wonderful way to move toward this serenity, and tapping into the forces of the elements—earth, water, air, fire, and Spirit—can help to bring new perspective to our quest.

All life has value and purpose, yet many of us do not even take the time to sit outside in nature and receive the healing qualities it offers our body, mind, and spirit. We are all a part of the web of creation, but we don’t always recognize its powerful influence on our well-being. We unconsciously think we are separate.

Think about this for a minute: Most of us already use nature for its healing qualities through the natural elements we select for our home, office, or outside in the yard. Do you have a water fountain? Do you have plants outside or in the house? How do you feel when you are able to sit down in a park or outside on the porch and just listen to the sounds of the birds or crickets as they create a harmony and dance the dance of life? Does this relax you? What do you do when you are juggling a million things at one time?

We might say, “I am going home and just turning it all off.” However, in this case we most likely will go within ourselves and use some aspect of nature to balance and recreate harmony in our being. Now is the time to become aware of this tendency and use it to our advantage!

Being in nature encourages us to see ourselves as part of the oneness of all Life and to live in sustainable ways that care for Earth, our home, and the well-being of all creation. Our ancestors relied on the rhythms and cycles of nature to survive—the change of seasons, weather, food crops, and animal migrations all provided signposts. They used the cycles of nature to enhance and enrich their lives. To feel connected to the oneness today, we need to feel the pulse of nature. We must feel in harmony with life and the world around us. Nature has no labels, no judgment. Take advantage of its unconditional acceptance and love!

The Elements of Balance

Within our environment there is a natural ebb and flow. It’s up to each of us to recognize when something has become unbalanced either internally or externally. So how does one achieve this harmony and homeostasis? We must learn to know ourselves, which includes understanding when to make corrections using our mind and to recognize when it’s time to let the universe guide us to the solutions through intuition.


“The most difficult phase of life is not when no one understands you; It is when you do not understand yourself.” Author Unknown

As we step into the active phase of the year, learn to listen, to trust, and to act on your inner wisdom to bring your whole self back into balance. In this process we can look to the elements as our teachers, and connect with their ancient wisdom help open our being to its highest potential.

Earth. Earth is the foundation that holds and contains all of the other elements. A foundation is a starting point that everyone needs; it helps to ensure a good structure. Look to the body as the foundation for carrying out our life plan. Earth is the physical realm that can ground and root us to understand and learn about the world in which we live. Earth individuals are sensible and can be task-oriented. The trick is to leverage the earth but not to get “stuck” or too rooted so that you cannot or will not see the other elements or situations in life that will help us to expand and grow.

Water. Water teaches us about the emotional realm. We learn to understand the depth of our emotions and how they can over run us to the point of no return. Water teaches us not to “react” but to “respond” to situations to help ourselves or those around us process their emotions. Water is the only element in which we can see our reflection, and it is a mirror to our soul. Water can help cleanse us physically and emotionally. It also can show us how to magnetize our desires! Water individuals need to “feel” their choices and decisions; if it feels right they do it; if it does not feel right they do not do it. Utilize water to help exercise your intuition.

Air. Air teaches us about intention, communication, and the mental realm. It assists us in working with thoughts, focus, and eloquent speech. Air is an element that we cannot see but we can feel. It travels around the world; our thoughts can be communicated via air from one state to another or even from one country to another. Air is the breathing mechanism we all need. In a symbiotic relationship, plants produce and filter air for humans to breathe, and humans exhale carbon dioxide to help plants breathe. We become one within the web of life. Air individuals love to communicate with others and crave an expressive environment. Use air to connect with others and share ideas through nature!

Fire. Fire teaches us about transformation and balance. Its process is like the Phoenix rising up from the ashes to transform into a new and balanced being. However, beware of too much fire because it can burn us out; not enough fire and we do not feel warm, lacking the energy we need. Fire also is about action and having passionate energy. It is used to help us ignite actions with passion! Fire individuals need a constant balanced movement internally and externally. Changes can come in rapid succession when you tap into fire and individuals who hold its flames.

Spirit. Spirit teaches us about our unique essence and what has brought us forth into this world. Understanding Spirit means we understand our own unique inner gifts and learn to work with them to guide us on our life path. Ask your Spirit to lead the way!

Each element adds power to help us achieve balance within the world and increase our connection with all existence. We all can awaken our inner gifts through nature and learn to work with these divine forces, which are both internal and external to our existence. Not only can the elements guide us to make choices and decisions for a better life, they can help us experience the eternal cycle of creation, which repeats the never-ending pattern of “as above, so below.” Embrace their essence and thrive with each coming season.

This article was published in Transformation Magazine May 2012 Edition 

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