Creation Coaching

Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spiritual all have ways to assist you in clearing out old beliefs, emotions or energy you no longer need and then they teach you to direct their force in the creation of your life.

This type of coaching works with you internally and externally and within one or more realms, physical, mental, emotional, energetic, action and or spiritual.  Creational Coaching can assist you in taking aligned action to get projects into form, doing the emotional clearing needed to bring in a relationship, finding your creative expression, balancing your life, creating greater levels of abundance, connecting to your life purpose and much more.

Get the one-on-one help you need to expand your capacity to create your life!  A Creation Coach Session can help you connect to your sacred essence and align your dreams with the organic world in order to naturally bring your desires into form.

I recently had a session with Dolores and it really explained my direction and life purpose and with Dolores’s guidance I was able to incorporate this new knowledge into my life. It gave me clarity of focus and purpose and I refer back to it often. If you desire to have such clarity and focus of your life purpose, I highly recommend having this session with Dolores. She is patient and understanding and brings with her much understanding and wisdom. Her passion for helping others on their journey is contagious. It is an experience I highly recommend.

Mary Anne Cipressy What’s Up SWFL

Energy Clearing Session

Clearing old patterns and beliefs forms an essential part of personal and spiritual growth.  Sometimes you need assistance  to see your own patterns clearly.  In this session, receive assistance to see move through your outdated patterns in the physical, emotional, mental, action or spiritual realms and reclaim new found energy for your creations. 30 Min $75.00 60 Min $150.00


I came to Dolores for the Energy Clearing Session not quite knowing what to expect. The combination of energy release and my past actions and how they were associated to my current lifestyle was so amazing, I left feeling lighter and so peaceful. The session also gave me insight on what I needed to work on to become more energetically balanced. I would recommend this to anyone that is feeling stagnant or unsure as to what direction to take on their journey toward self awareness and inner peace. Thank you Dolores

Carol D.

Creation Session

Working creationally involves learning to hold a unified field with all the elemental forces and consciously directing your energy.  Discover through this coaching session which elements need more assistance in your creational dance and increase your skills bringing your dreams into grounded reality. 30 Min $75.00 90 Min $150.00


Soul 2 Soul Healing Journey

Soul To Soul Healing Journey Dolores Signature Program Soul 2 Soul Healing Journey This is a new Healing Session developed by Dolores to help “Transform You From The Inside Out”. Dolores starts out with a Creation Coach Session which will guide you through some of your inner setbacks, blockages and trauma. Once this is identified a Energy Clearing Session is done to clear old patterns and belief forms an essential part of personal and spiritual growth. Sometimes you need assistance to see your own patterns clearly. These sessions are now available and are truly one of a kind! If you do not live in my area; I can also accommodate online sessions. 90 Minutes – $150.00


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Dolores did my Creation Coach  Session and talk about “hitting the nail on the head”.  I have had other sessions that related similar information but Dolores  was so so so much more detailed. It was both amazing and interesting to listen to Dolores give such detailed information regarding the actual life patterns and the meanings and what it represented. I am in awe of this lovely lady. I wish I could really spend some more time with her, but as she knows, my business keeps is my life’s passion.

Debbie Florio Sculpted Beauty 

How we work in a Creation Coaching Session

  • Earth strengthens your ability to work with the physical realm
  • Water’s feeling guidance helps you magnetize your desires.
  • Air assists in focusing and uplifting your intention for creation
  • Fire fuels the transformation of your dreams becoming your reality
  • The moon rhythmically boosts your creation each month.
  • The sun helps you align with the organic cycle of change.
I wasn’t sure what to expect at my “Creative Coaching” session with Dolores. I had recently gone through significant change in my life, and while I was pretty confident that “I had this”, there was something that piqued my interest about meeting with Dolores. While I wasn’t sure what to expect, or if I “needed” this, as most of us will agree, there are no coincidences. After a relaxing meeting with Dolores I felt so focused, so peaceful, and with such clarity. There were laughter and tears in a safe setting. It was truly a gift. Dolores has a great vibe. Her energy is like an old friend who knows you well and you are just happy to be with her. If there is something about the “Creative Coaching” session that has captured your attention, I say again, there are no coincidences. Meet with Dolores without delay – all of us thrive on reinforcement of our own “game plans” for our lives.

Mary B. – Sanibel Island Florida

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