Ceremony Devotion Pouch

Where The Land and The Sea….Meet The Divine In Me Ceremonial Devotion Pouch

To support you on your Life’s Journey…..

Are you going through a Challenge, Transformation or just need to Create a new way of being so you can release and move forward?

Then this Devotion Pouch is for you!

Dolores will meet with you for a 30 minute phone session to find out more of what area you need support in and the both of you will begin the process of creating your devotion pouch.

Dolores will then personally select from the shores of Sanibel/Captiva island and other locations in the SW Florida area tokens from the land and sea for you to use to support you and your journey. A ceremonial jewelry piece is in your pouch to use on your clothing/scarf or altar.

All of the items are infused with the devotional energy that you and Dolores carefully talked about in your 30 minute phone session. (There is also an online form that you will fill out prior to the 30 minute session.

“Dolores Gozzi is an earth angel. During a time in my life when I felt a tremendous amount of stress due to the many challenges that I was facing;  she created a ceremonial medicine bag for me and infused it with her tremendous healing energy to help direct me into having better clarity so I can make better choices for the situations that were at hand.  As soon as I opened the package that contained my Ceremonial Devotion Medicine Bag the energy in my living area began to change from a chaotic state to a tranquil and peaceful energy.  I began to feel more confident in my choices and gain clarity to the situations I was working with and the outcome pointed me in a direction I would never have thought of.  The Ceremonial Devotion Medicine Bag is Divine Energy Infused with your intentions!

“Dolores Gozzi is a master genius healer. A brilliant ceremonialist. And a woman with a heart as big as the sky. I had the privilege of co-leading a ceremony with her around Lammas’ energy, one of her specialties. She was a gift. Each one of us was uplifted – forever.” Nancy Mills, Founder, The Spirited Woman (www.TheSpiritedWoman.com)

Each Ceremonial Jewelry piece is different.

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Are Your Ready To Create Your Ceremony Pouch……Let’s Begin

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Your ceremonial pouch is designed by a local Ft. Myers Artist Sandy Johnnston who infused her love of knitting in each of the pouches she carefully creates. Below are the 2 choices available for your ceremonial pouch. Dolores will select for you and begin the process of collecting your journey’s tools.

ceremony pouch 1       ceremonypouch2

After you have paid for your Ceremony Devotion Pouch; you can now fill out the form