Events & Workshops

Take some time out of your busy schedule and carve some sacred time for yourself.  Enjoy a class, group healing, meditation from the many different spiritual aspects of life.   Join Dolores and at times guest practitioners; as they navigate you through an educational class or workshop.

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Events & Workshops

Below you will find my ongoing events and current workshops.  Dolores is available to come to your location and teach.


Vibration Meditation Class

Alchemy of the Senses Meditation Classes:    Available at several locations

Relax, breathe, release and enjoy this self-guided personal journey through sound vibration with singing bowls and drums. Modern medicine can now measure and confirm the practice of sound as a means to promote healing. Reduce your stress and experience a deep sense of peace.   Click the Learn More Button.

Being held at Ellio’s Pilate in Ft. Myers, Fl. (Every Second Tuesday night at 6:30)

Ellio Pilates, Tai Chi & More Offering a wide range of fitness & wellness modalities in a secure, warm, inviting space. Includes Pilates and specialty Pilates (for MS, for golf, for seniors, etc.), Tai Chi, Vibration Meditation, Restorative Yoga, Belly Dance, Foundation (Back) Training, Miracle Ball Method and more.


Being held at a Private Home in Ft. Myers , Fl. (6 Week Series)

At this location we will be working with crystals and creating our own crystal elixirs.


Coming soon I will be at the Spa in Tidewater Community in Ft. Myers

The Spa at Tidewater Community located in Estero, Florida



Some Clients That Attended Vibration Meditation:
At some point as I was laying on the mat I became aware of this shift inside of me. I was laying there “being given to” doing nothing simply receiving whatever the drums and tuning forks and rattles and singing bowls were being asked to do by our leader. This experience of being given to- of receiving -of having to do nothing but lay there- was a gentle quiet gradual shift inside of me- That felt so wonderful and positive. I really wasn’t able to identify it until the end of the session when we began to talk about our experience.
It was in stark contrast to The many months I spent a couple of years ago after a bad car accident. Where I laid in ICU for 6 weeks and residential rehab for 6 weeks and everything was done to me and for me but it was horrible. I was kept alive and survived remarkably by the fact that this being taken care of occurred. But I felt so powerless and helpless and vulnerable and scared and sad. It felt like that session with the vibrational meditation re-set something or recalibrated something that allowed that experience of being given to and receiving in a beautiful healing way instead of done to and for me in such painful ways.
For the past two years anytime I lay down in bed or on the mat there would be a part of me that would be re-experiencing that time in the hospital and rehab. since this session -that has not happened -that seems pretty amazing to me.
Jerilyn, Ft. Myers, Florida
I just had to tell everyone about Dolores’s Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation’s. They are amazing. The first time I heard her play was at Ellio’s Yoga and Pilates Center. I left floating about 2′ off the ground, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I loved it so much that I had to ask her to play at The Path of Being and once again I was floating!
Theresa Ayers, Path of Being

Wild Free and Me Sistership Circle (Every 3rd Saturday from 1-5)

We will be meeting again in Jan 2019 from 1:00 to 5:00 – In the meantime we will gather with the other events I am offering.  See below.

Join Dolores in this monthly circle that focuses on connecting you to your authentic self!  Do you want to feel the wild and free side of yourself and know what it is like to be you!

Participate in a circle that supports your creativity while providing a non-judgmental safe environment as you explore the other side of yourself; through activities and meditations that activate your soul’s essence!

The purpose of a Sistership Circle:

  • To use the gifts of ceremony and ritual as a guide for empowerment and experiential learning
  • To improve self-awareness and acceptance, flexibility
  • To deepen the bond between women
  • To have fun
  • Model right living on our Earth mother


  • 1:00-3:00 is the ceremony/ritual (we usually will engage in an activity to enhance the ceremony)
  • 3:00-4:00 we take time to nourish our bodies (please bring a dish to share)
  • 4:00-5:00 we enjoy the sounds of Vibration Meditation to anchor in our ceremony/ritual for that month

$37.00  Per Gathering Per Goddess


Soulful Spa Day on Saturday Dec. 22  and Celebrate the Winter Solstice -Carve Out Some Sacred Time For Yourself!

Call Dolores at 239-826-6960 to schedule

Experience a Sound Healing Session – Afterwards Wine, Cheese & Herbal Tea as you wait for your 10 Minute Amethyst Bio Mat Session-  Saturday Dec 22 for the Winter Solstice – A Winter Solstice Ceremony- 2:30 – 5:30 – Limited to 6 Ladies!

Sounds and vibration have been used many centuries by many cultures for rituals, ceremonies or healings. According to Earlham Music College “The theory of music traces its roots to the earliest intellectual pursuits of the human species. When humankind sought to understand the cosmos, it did so through a science of harmonic tone relationship. It sought to both explain and experience the universe as a fundamental vibration, a Primal Sound, which manifested itself in the human world through a relationship of tones. It was understood that through developing ones’ sensitivity to harmonic relationships, a person could come to understand and experience the harmony between heaven and earth. This, in turn, would aid in creating a harmony within the individual and within society.

Dolores J Gozzi is a Earth Medicine Practitioner that Guides Women To Follow Their Heart and Lead With Their Wisdom.  She is a Licensed Massage Therapist that focuses on blended Eastern and Western Traditions to enhance each individual’s life.  She offers many opportunities and modalities in person and via phone sessions.

Take a break from the outside world to explore, reconnect, remember, heal, and expand your inner landscape.

Bodywork Sessions, Retreats, Workshops, Coaching, Personal Ceremony/House Clearings, Readings


Energy Oracle Element Card & Moon Readings

Via Phone or in Person  Call Dolores at 239-826-6960 to schedule

Oracle Element Reading – November Special if you book a 45 or 60 minute session you will receive a 15 minute Amethyst Bio Mat session with Drum Healing!  

Energy Readings By Dolores  – Dolores will feel in the energy that surrounds you utilizing the cards of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit. (Deck is by Lisa Michael’s)

This type of reading is a guide to what is in your current energy to help you discover what message from Spirit needs to be clarified to you.  After your reading Dolores will do a healing drum ceremony to enhance the reading.

Moon Card Reading –

As in the Oracle Element Readings; Dolores will feel into the energy that surrounds you utilizing the cards of the Moon Deck.  The Moon Deck is an interactive tool for connecting to your intuition through the path of self-love and ritual.

Dolores J Gozzi is a Earth Medicine Practitioner that Guides Women To Follow Their Heart and Lead With Their Wisdom.  She is a Licensed Massage Therapist that focuses on blended Eastern and Western Traditions to enhance each individual’s life.  She offers many opportunities and modalities in person and via phone sessions.

Take a break from the outside world to explore, reconnect, remember, heal, and expand your inner landscape.

Bodywork Sessions, Retreats, Workshops, Coaching, Personal Ceremony/House Clearings, Readings


Womb Blessings (By Appointment)

By Appointmnet $35.00per lady for small groups

(I am available for one on one Womb Healing for an additional fee)

Rite of The Womb Blessing (By Appointment only I also will travel to your location for an extra fee.)

This lineage of women through the jungle medicine has given us the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb.

What is the Womb Blessing?

“The Womb Blessing returns our female nature back to its sacredness and awakens and restores our female energies”

Relationships, upbringing, the stress and pressure of living in a masculine, modern world – all these things regularly disconnect us from awareness of our authentic female nature.  “Quoted By Miranda Gray”


wombblessingceremony sign up


Stepping Into The New – Re-Establish Your Sacred Contract)

Acceptance Series – 6 Week

Starting around the Autumn Equinox

As we mature, we become more self-aware and grow to understand that true beauty comes from within. Ideally, we find peace with who we are—able to appreciate our own unique beauty. But, many of us are uncomfortable with the aging process and find it difficult to accept the changes occurring in our bodies. The question to ask is, “How do I want to feel about myself?”

Embracing our inner beauty influences how we perceive our physical selves and how others perceive us. The more we accept and love ourselves, the more our Soul and inner beauty are able to shine through, radiating as a sparkling twinkle that lights up our eyes.

Essences can help us become aware of self-judgment and the patterns and belief systems that fuel it. They can stimulate us to find new ways of seeing our lives and ourselves and assist us as we learn to embrace aging gracefully.

In this 6 week Sacred Sound Vibration Meditation using the power of flower essences, sound vibration, meditation and journaling it can help us receive insights into these limiting beliefs, patterns of behavior, and non-serving thoughts. This process can help us see clearly what we are doing and how we are trapped in our own patterns. Let Dolores navigate you to find new ways of looking at yourself and your life.

Click on the Learn More Button to get more information and sign up!




Woman’s Sacred Bath Salt Workshop – Lavender, Sea Salt and Coconut Oil Body Scrub Workshop – Dec. 8 & 15 

Create your own Salt Scrub and lets talk about Lavender!  Join Dolores as she guides you through the different aromatic smells lavender can have; afterwards you will make your own Lavender, Sea Salt and Coconut Oil Body Scrub.  The fun continues when we will make our own Lavender Tea.

Time:  1:00 – 4:00

Date: Sat

Location:  Ft. Myers (After signup location will be given)

Price:  $35.00



The Burroughs Home & Gardens Presents a Christmas Psychic Fair on Dec. 9 2018

Dolores J Gozzi will be one of the Readers at this fair.

Hosted By Author Melissa Davidson & Sponsoring Valerie House and Animal Rescue for this community charity.

Sunday, December 9, 2018 11am-5pm Holiday House 2505 First Street, Ft Myers, FL Contact Melissa Davidson $10 admission donation at the door

A Fair To Remember! Don’t Miss This Holiday Event! Needing that perfect gift for someone? Our shops of one of a kind stunning jewelry, crystals, fairy houses, Candles, Art, with Artists on site!! Book Signings, and crafts and so much more!  Enjoy a glass of wine, or cocktail from our bar; Great music performed by the one and only John Goulet he starts at 2pm.   Bring your children to visit Santa and receive a present.   Santa will be available from 11am 2pm.

Our gifted Readers will guide you to unblock yourself and live the path you were meant to be happy on.   Tarot, Chakra Tuning, Reiki, Angel Readings, Vibration Meditation and Four Elements Readings & Moon Readings By Dolores J Gozzi, Spirit Drawings, Angel Aura drawings, Painting, Past Readings…..The list is endless because each of our Gifted Friends have many gifts to help you…

PRIZES!!! RAFFLES!!!! SILENT AUCTION!!! This will be a Holiday Event To Remember!!! Enjoy the Burroughs Home and their Pavilion with a day filled of Christmas Cheer! SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2018 11am- 5pm -Some Readers, music and shops open 7-8pm





Bones To Bones Ancestral Healing & Soul Wisdom – A Signature Program by Renee Starr

Online Program starting will be ongoing to join & In Person with Dolores Nov 16-18

“Lay the bones of your parents, and their parents, and all those who came before them at the altar of your ancestors. These bones are the heavy, weary, and wounded parts of you, the parts of you that are ready to be unburdened by the weight of time, the weight of blood, and the long spiral journey that your soul has traveled into this lifetime. Use hollow branches, long smooth crystals, and gnarled, tangled roots to represent these bones, holding them near to your heart, blessing them with whispers, and washing them clean in clear water, removing the stains of the past, and preparing them as if an offering. They are waiting for you here; your ancestors are, waiting for you to transform their lives into meaning.” – from my course: Bone of My Bones; ancestral wisdom & soul healing





Warrior Goddess Way – Reclaim Your Wholeness & Create Your Sacred Contract

Cruise With Me Feb 8-10 2019

Calling all Goddesses are you ready to retreat with me in Feb 2019. 2 NIGHT BAHAMAS CRUISE Aboard Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas. February 8th – 10th, 2019 Sailing from Miami Florida, Coco Cay, Bahamas, Miami

Reclaim Your Wholeness & Honor Your Path through the path of the Warrior Goddess + The Sacred Wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

Carve out some time for yourself during this Sacred Women’s Retreat as we gather in discussion, ceremony and heartfelt connections.  Dolores will guide you through the lessons of creating a new container and learn how to rewrite your story.

To Enroll in the class Click Here.     $175.00 Before Nov 15    After Nov 15.  $225.00

You must signup for the cruise in order to be a part of this empowering retreat!  Deb&Bob Florio will be the Travel/Cruise Directors on this retreat you signup with them and then enroll in my Class.  Click Here for their website

Become The Woman You Are Meant To Be

Walking the Warrior Goddess path is a process, one that starts with the commitment to empower ourselves and continues to ask us to recommit to our healing and truth every time we face a new and often unexpected challenge.  Each time we recommit to ourselves, things change on the inside.  We begin a process of realigning ourselves to our authentic power, and holding ourselves in a new way!

Quoted by Heather Ash Amara

Dolores’s path has led her to Guide Women to follow their heart and lead with their wisdom.  Her background has a variety of modalities in Sacred Wisdom and the Divine Feminine Mysteries.





Cruise With Me & Get Your Ce’s  

The Cruise is being done by Debbie & Robert Florio

Get ready for your renewal on August 31, 2019.  We are offering several classes, which will provide you with all 24 CE’s hours required. ( 12 hours hands on and 12 mandatory CE’s). Also, please join us in 2018 for our Seminar at Sea on board the NCL GETAWAY.

SEMINAR AT SEA FOR LMT’s (You do not have to take CE Class you can just cruise with me)

All 24 CE hours for your 2019 renewal!

I will be offering my Comfort Care Massage With Heart – 20 CE Hours Plus All Mandatory classes provided by Debbie Florio

Trying to decide what to do first:

Catch a flick at the Seaside Theatre, or splish-splash in the Waterslides. Couples are sipping fruity umbrella drinks on the Lido deck by the pool and friends are relaxing in the adult only Serenity area. You may not want to leave the ship at all. But you definitely should, because there’s all kinds of amazing things to do onshore, too.


Aboard NCL’s Ship the Getaway click on the link below to view this ship.

October 27th, 2018

Sailing from Miami Florida, Bahamas, St. Thomas, Tortola.