Events & Workshops

Take some time out of your busy schedule and carve some sacred time for yourself.  Enjoy a class, group healing, meditation from the many different spiritual aspects of life.   Join Dolores and at times guest practitioners; as they navigate you through an educational class or workshop.

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Events & Workshops

Below you will find my ongoing events and current workshops.  Dolores is available to come to your location and teach.


Zen Healings (Second Thurs. of the month)

These circles are meant as occasions to socialize with other Reiki and Energy healers, support each other’s paths as healers, and to exchange treatments with one another.

Open Zen Healings Circles are invitational types of gatherings which allow the general public to come and experience Reiki and Energy work  in a group setting.  $15.00



A Gathering of Goddesses Circle (TBA)

Thirteen sessions (one for each Lunar month of the year) for a year of study in a small group setting.  Calling 13 Goddesses to claim your spot!

The purpose of a Goddess Gathering Circle:

  • To use the gifts of the Goddesses as a guide to empowerment and experiential learning
  • To improve self-awareness and acceptance, flexibility
  • To deepen the bond between women
  • To have fun
  • Model right living on our Earth mother

$35.00  Per Gathering Per Goddess

claim my goddess seat



Womb Blessings (By Appointment)

By Appointmnet $35.00 (I will be available for one on one with a Womb Healing afterwards for an additional fee)

Rite of The Womb Blessing (Held monthly at my office.  I also will travel to your location for an extra fee.)

This lineage of women through the jungle medicine has given us the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb.

What is the Womb Blessing?

“The Womb Blessing returns our female nature back to its sacredness and awakens and restores our female energies”

Relationships, upbringing, the stress and pressure of living in a masculine, modern world – all these things regularly disconnect us from awareness of our authentic female nature.  “Quoted By Miranda Gray”


wombblessingceremony sign up


Become A Certified Elemental Oracle Practitioner 

– Ask about how you can become a Sponsor!

Are  you looking for a way to generate income that connects you to the powerful creation forces of nature and allows you to make a supportive difference in the lives of others?

Would you like to add nature’s creation tools to your expertise as a healer, teacher, life or business coach?

Next Classes are:

July 29-July 30

Dolores J Gozzi is a Licensed Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Card Trainer




Warrior Goddess Way Training

1.5 Hr Intro Class  10:00 – 11:30 – June 24

1 Day Reclaim Workshop Sat May 13

Signup for the Intro Class at $27.00 and receive the 1 Day Reclaim Workshop for $100.00

Become The Woman You Are Meant To Be

Walking the Warrior Goddess path is a process, one that starts with the commitment to empower ourselves and continues to ask us to recommit to our healing and truth every time we face a new and often unexpected challenge.  Each time we recommit to ourselves, things change on the inside.  We begin a process of realigning ourselves to our authentic power, and holding ourselves in a new way!

Quoted by Heather Ash Amara




Reiki I & Reiki II Full Weekend or you can signup for just one of them

9:00 – 6:00 each day (Limited to 8)

July 1 – Reiki I  and May 27 – Reiki II

Reiki I – $125.00     Reiki II – $175.00       Take Both – $250.00   If you are a LMT and need mandatories $295.00 For all

Learning Reiki is empowering. You will possess a tool that can be used in situations when you otherwise may feel helpless, such as relieving pain or calming a sick child in the middle of the night. With regular self treatments you can keep yourself free of excessive stress and in a state of balance.

Reiki I Level – You will learn the history of Reiki, hand placements; an Attunement Process will be done on you, along with learning how to work with the energy. Level I prepares you to work on yourself and the learning process.

Reiki II Level– This goes on a deeper level, reinforcement of Level I along with adding more symbols and another Attunement process, learning how to work on others and long distance Reiki. Level II prepares you for practitioner level to begin working with the general public


If you are a Lic. Massage Therapist and need your mandatories $295.00 for Reiki I, Reiki II and mandatories

Location will be at my office:

The Pines

8192 College Parkway – B37 & B38

Ft. Myers, Florida 33919





12 Hr Comfort Care Aromatherapy For The Elderly and Hospice Patients                           Day 1  from 9-6 and Day 2 fro 9:30 -12:30  $275.00  (Limited to 12)

June 3 – 9-6 and June 4 -12:00 – 4:00 Being held at Buckingham Yoga Barn

An Introductory course to working with the Elderly, Terminal Ill, Hospice/Palliative Care Patients. This introductory course was designed to educate Massage Therapists and Caregivers who would like to work with patients or their loved ones. It is intended to give a basic understanding of how Aromatherapy and essential oils can be used to help as an alternative therapy to help with comfort. After completion of this class you will be a Comfort Care Aromatherapy Practitioner.


If you cannot attend the live class; you can take the class online at Table Mesa clickhere2

Location will be at my office:

The Pines

8192 College Parkway – B37 & B38

Ft. Myers, Florida 33919





4 Hr Creating Sacred Space 9:30 – 1:30

$75.00 as a stand alone combine it with Comfort Care Aromatherapy and the Mandatories for $325.00

June 17 (Limited to 12)

Creating Sacred Space is more than how your room is decorated, what music you choose, although this course will discuss and address these issues, what this course will teach you s personal boundaries, demeanor, ways of greeting and treating your client and the way you create space within yourself.  Once you learn how to create Sacred Space you will carry that with you everywhere, it becomes part of who you are.

If you are a Lic. Massage Therapist and need your mandatories and an additional 16 Hours for renewal; I am offering a full weekend where you will receive 16 Hrs Hands on (12 for Comfort Care Aromatherapy and 4 for Creating Sacred Space) along with a home study mandatories provided by Debbie Florio.  When signing up for Creating Sacred Space you can also signup for Comfort Care Aromatherapy.  Full weekend is $325.00 per person. Location will be at my office: The Pines 8192 College Parkway – B37 & B38 Ft. Myers, Florida 33919 239-826-6960





4 Hr Ancient Oils In Ancient Times 12:30-4:30


June 24 (Limited to 10)

Essential Oils have been around for thousands of years. Their healing properties have been the building blocks of life for centuries. Learning the secrets of the ancients to bring healing to a modern world. A small bottle to put your anointing oil in will be provided by Dolores. 4 Hr Class that engages you into the oils of ancient times and how to use these oils. History of Aromatherapy, Safety use will be included in this workshop; Along with making your own anointing oil. – LMT’s can receive Florida & National Ce’s

Location will be at my office: The Pines 8192 College Parkway – B37 & B38 Ft. Myers, Florida 33919 239-826-6960