Certified Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Card Practitioner

Are  you looking for a way to generate income that connects you to the powerful creation forces of nature and allows you to make a supportive difference in the lives of others?

Would you like to add nature’s creation tools to your expertise as a healer, teacher, life or business coach?

Dolores J Gozzi is a Licensed Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Card Trainer

 Our weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30-6:00 each day  $397.00

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From 9:30 – 6:00 Each Day  on Saturday and Sunday.  This will be held at my office which is located:  The Pines – 8192 College Parkway – B37 – Ft. Myers, Fl 33919.  Early Bird Registration for July is June 21 and pay $347.00

Here Is What A Client Stated After Her Reading By Dolores: I just wanted to thank you again for delivering the message from my spirit guide letting me know that soul to soul, my contract with someone had ended. You will never know how that simple message has set my soul free again. Much love and respect, Chris, Ft. Myers, Fl

Hi Dolores! Thank you so much for channeling a powerful message and reading for me. What a gift! I will definitely recommend friends and loved ones have sessions with you. Be well, Josi Ft. Myers, Fl

Next Class is:

July 28 from 6:30 – 8:30 and July 29-30 2017 from 9-:00 6:00

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Complete this course to become a Certified Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Card Practitioner!

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This course gives you all the done-for-you tools, template, handouts, and training you need to become a clear oracle reader for the elements of creation – Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit.  Dolores J Gozzi who is a Certified Trainer from Lisa Michaels will also share her special expertise as a creation coach and workshop leader to help you build your own successful oracle card reading practice.
Your individual clients and workshop participants will be thrilled when the elemental forces guide them to answer their life and business questions. Upon successful fulfillment of the certification requirements, you’ll be awarded a Natural Rhythms™  Oracle Card Reader certificate as a download. You’ll also receive a special Natural Rhythms™  Oracle Card Reader icon for your website to let visitors know that you’re a certified reader in these powerful techniques.
In this transformational course, Dolores will share her wealth of experience tapping into the guidance of the elements. You’ll activate a deeper layer of inner wisdom and intuition so you can start your practice as a professional oracle reader or add this skill to your current business.

During our time together, you will:IMG_0902

  • Take your “Inner Oracle” to the next level so you can begin guiding others.
  • Learn how to support your client’s creations with the elemental forces oracle.
  • Discover how to consistently receive guidance from the elemental forces effortlessly to support your life, business, and clients.
  • Find out how to utilize the oracle in any type of coaching environment from personal to business.
  • Receive training on how to help others access guidance from the oracle in group settings.
  • Learn how to “hold space” for your clients and call upon their inner wisdom.

Become A Sponsor

Would you like to Sponsor this Certification Process? All you have to do is supply the location, snacks and drinks and invite your friends! There must be a minimum of 12 paying individuals (if you live locally or 10 if you live out of state) at the cost of $347.00 per person. I will come to your location and Certify you!

Your Personal Investment of $397.00 – Early Bird Price is $347.00 (The $347.00 price is also for Sponsorship)

 You will also have access to Lisa Michael’s online training; celebrated elemental wisdom teacher, creation expert, and author Lisa Michaels, creator of the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle, will share her wealth of experience tapping into the guidance of the elements

 Power-Packed Program Details



Applying Intention and Sacred Space


Uncover tools for activating sacred space and calling on the elemental forces for your reading.

  • Learn how to hold energetic space for clients’ inner guidance to emerge.magic crystal and astrology
  • Find out how to center and clear yourself and your space before your reading.
  • Discover how to create a professional atmosphere for your client experience.


Available for Immediate Viewing


Clearing Your Creation Channel

Q iStock_000020872086XSmallIn this exciting session, Lisa will guide you through clearing blocks in every realm of creation so you can become a clearer channel for your oracle readings.

  • Experience clearing on the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual realms
  • Learn why this is critical to your success as a reader.
  • Take your “inner oracle” activation to the next level.
  • Discover how daily guidance from the elements can boost your business and life creation success.
Available for Immediate Viewing


Elementally Working with Others

Embark on the journey of working one-on-one with clients to help them navigate the elemental realms of creation. 

  • Learn how to communicate with your client to guide them to their own discoveries with the oracle.
  • Strengthen your inner wisdom with Lisa’s step-by-step elemental realms and unified field reading techniques.
  • Review requirements for certification.
Available for Immediate Viewing


Group Elemental Oracle Workshop

In this exciting module, you’ll learn all the steps you need to offer a 3 hour – 1 day group Elemental Oracle Guidance Workshop.

  • This session will teach you the basics of this workshop presentation.2012-03-24 08.50.23
  • You’ll discover how to create a magical money-making in-person group experience.
  • You can easily charge $77-97 or more for the full one day event. With just 4-6 participants attending a day long workshop at $77 you will cover the investment for your certification.
  • Learn to focus your workshop on any area such as business growth, generating more income, becoming a better mother, creating better relationships, to success creation with the elemental forces.
Available for Immediate Viewing


Your Money Manifesting Mindset

In business, your money mindset influences the amount you manifest and how you invest it to build your future. Money falling from the moon

  • Lisa guides your discovery of how your relationship with money impacts your success.
  • Learn how to receive elemental oracle guidance to strengthen your money wisdom and build a solid business foundation.
  • Discover how each of the elemental realms impacts your financial flow and helps you to help your clients in this arena.
Available for Immediate Viewing


Spread Your Message Successfully

In this final module, Lisa teaches you how to market effectively so you can take your message to the world. 

  • Learn the simple technological tools and systems you need to create success easily.
  • Discover step-by-step what to do when you are getting started but also what not to do.
  • Shave years off your learning curve with Lisa’s experience.
  • Uncover the hidden business time wasters and find out what you must focus on to create cash flow success now.
Available for Immediate Viewing