Creating Sacred Space

Sacred Space gives an individual the opportunity of a safe environment to learn and grow without any judgment and learning to be in their own essence.  Many of us need this scared space so we can collect our thoughts and tap into our natural environment that we feel secure in.  It is our inner rhythm that calls to us so we can adapt with change and grow.


To Make You Feel More Connected To What Is Meaningful

During our time together we will learn about:

What Sacred Space is?

Why we need it?sacred_spaces_for_journaling_and_meditation

How to create it?

How Clutter affects your office/home and working with your clients

Creating sacred space for the consciously dying


Sound/Music Therapy


Flower Essence

Using crystals and other tools

Gridding a room

Sacred Touch

This 1/2  Day Workshop will enliven your senses and help you to create and understand your sacred space.

We will do a Pachamama Ceremony which are offerings called Apachetas that are made regularly to Gaia for success in all endeavors or just a gift back to Mother Earth to thank her.

Creating Sacred Space – This course opened my eyes to the reality that not only can you create a location for “sacred space”, my sacred space is also what I carry within me every day. My personal projection is the sacred space within which I function every day. Dolores inspired me not only to create an area for meditation in my home, but to also create my personal essence that will allow me to be true to myself and uplifting to others in my daily interactions. Amy Hutto, LMT

If you are a Licensed Massage Therapist

If you are in need to meet all of the renewal requirements; I am offering a home study mandatories (via Debbie Florio) and Comfort Care Aromatherapy all in one weekend. Just let me know when signing up for Creating Sacred Space if you need the mandatories and 12Hr Comfort Care Aromatherapy. Total for Comfort Care, Mandatories and Creating Sacred Space is $325.00 per person Creating Sacred Space as a stand alone only $75.00

Creating Sacred Space 4 Hrs

Saturday June 17 – 9:30-1:30

$75.00 as a stand alone

Florida National #451790-11 – Florida Provider # 50-8980 –  Florida Course 4 Hours Hands On #20-316452