Finding The Priestess Within

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Finding The Priestess Within

Finding The Priestess Within

“The most difficult phase of life; is not when no one understands you; It is when you do not understand yourself” Author Unknown

As a woman of today; finding the balance to incorporate the mystery school priestess energy in our everyday lives could be challenging if we do not know where to begin.

Our ancestors used the land they lived on and the mysteries of the universe to follow the rhythms and flow of nature, the seasons, and the sky above that reflected the change around them.  As they became aware of these changes they were able to engage with these energies and respond with appropriate action.  In this exchange a “Process” happened for each individual.  This “Process” revealed each woman’s gift on how they could contribute to the universe.

As each woman was able to unfold with their gifts; they were able understand the mysteries within themselves and the universe and how their part was contributing to the bigger equation of life, death and rebirth.

Today’s Women plays many roles and they sometimes do not know how to utilize their gifts or are unclear on what role they need to play or how to play that role. Our society today teaches us how we should act or respond and that the masculine role is “dominating” and that the Feminine role is “suppressed”.   Which is not true at all; both the masculine and feminine have their own unique role to express as needed and should be equally balanced.  There is a time to stand in the masculine power and a time to stand in the divine feminine power.

Where Do I Begin?

All life has value and purpose.  We are all a part of the webring that connects and interconnects all life.  Being in nature encourages us to see ourselves as part of the oneness of all Life and to live in sustainable ways that care for Earth, our home, and the well-being of all creation. Take the time to sit in nature and receive the healing qualities it has. Watch with each season that is passing and how it helps you to reflect, emerge, grow and reap your harvest; look to the sky to see how each moon phase makes you feel and how each shift of the astrology sign reveals its mystery to you.

Each women needs to listen to their own divine mystery within themselves and shed away anything that is no longer serving them.

 I now invite each woman to:

 “Stand In Your Power” and utilize your “Gifts”!