Chakra Balancing

12 Chakra Balancing Tuning Fork Session – 90 Minute Session – $100.00

Balancing and alignment of the twelve chakras session with the angelic tuning forks.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy points within the body.  The word Chakra actually means “wheels”.  There are 11 energy centers within your body and aura field that connects you to the Twelfth Divine Energy of the universe.  These energy fields are connected to the organs, the meridians, the emotional centers, the thought centers and they keep the Divine Energy, Life force, Prana, or grace flowing throughout our bodies.

Every organ of our body has a frequency or a note playing at the same time.  This creates harmonics that give us health.  If the frequency is too low, a string is too loose.  If the frequency is too high, it is too tight; or the string can snap.  No matter what it is you hear it is still out.  With the body you can hear what it is telling you it needs to be tuned.  They symptoms do not necessarily mean that’s where or what the problem is.  The whole body and everything in it are connected.  If something is out somewhere a symptom may show up somewhere else, which may be the place we should be working on rather than trying to take care of the symptom.

This session is based off of Joe Cranes Angelic Tuning Fork process.  This session begins with the Heart Chakra which is the dwelling place for the soul; from there we move down to the Solar Plexus which is the central point for your physical personal power and physical body for all the nerves; from there we move up to the Throat Chakra which is your external communication centre; from there we move down to the Sacral Chakra which is where we experience gut feeling which is where our emotions reside; from there we move up to the Third Eye or Brow Chakra which has a physical feeling that goes along with it –peace; from there we move down to the Root Chakra which is the groundedness of our being; from there we move up to the Crown Chakra which allows us to grasp our essence; from there we move down to the Omega Chakra which is the “end” process of physical creation—something is complete and it has worked its course; from there we move up to the Alpha Chakra which is the beginning, the world of possibilities or the un-manifested, from there we move down to the Terra Chakra it is the 3rd dimension in which we live and creation can occur; from there we move up to the Angelic Chakra which is all that is, has been, and will be possible; we complete the session by connecting to the Divine Chakra it encompasses all—one huge Chakra that everything else is inside of.