Sacred Bodywork is the art of the practitioner tuning into the clients body and listening to the areas on the body that need a gentle nudge to move and circulate the energy in the meridians as well as the physical aspect of the body that is stuck or locked in trauma of some kind. Dolores utilizes different modalities in each of her sessions such as acupressure; sound therapy, cupping, aromatherapy just to mention a few.

Choose which Sacred Hour is right for you.

Come into the Temple Massage – This is my full body restorative relaxing massage that will spend some extra care on either your back, shoulders-head-neck, or feet. You just need to let Dolores know at the time of your appointment. (other areas will be worked on less; to make the time up). $65.00

Find My Sacred Wisdom – This is my therapeutic massage a form of bodywork that aims to relieve tension in the deeper layers of tissue in the body that will focus on 1-3 areas on your body that you are having problems with; example would be back, shoulders and neck. This can include a variety of different modalities such as energy work, acupressure, etc. $ 65.00