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Oracle Element Reading –

Energy Readings By Dolores  – Dolores will feel in the energy that surrounds you utilizing the cards of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit. (Deck is by Lisa Michael’s)

Energy Element & Moon Card Oracle Readings – Nov Special
Available in person with Dolores or via phone/zoom  – Purchase a 45 or 60 Minute Session with Dolores and receive a 15 Minute Amethyst Bio Mat Session in Person or a Drum Healing Session for online readings.

Moon Card Reading –

As in the Oracle Element Readings; Dolores will feel into the energy that surrounds you utilizing the cards of the Moon Deck.  The Moon Deck is an interactive tool for connecting to your intuition through the path of self-love and ritual.  Look for my November Special

Created to foster community and healing, this entire set is inspired by the cyclical beauty of the moon and the inherent wisdom of women. It shares insights on growth, purpose, transformation, practice, and creativity – with freedom for personal exploration. The Moon Deck can be worked with in a similar format to tarot, as an oracle guide, or as a daily tool for reflection and meditation. Dolores uses these cards to guide and support your through your Soul’s Path.

Energy Element & Moon Card Oracle Readings – Nov Special Available in person with Dolores or via phone/zoom –  Purchase a 45 or 60 Minute Session with Dolores and receive a 15 Minute Amethyst Bio Mat Session in person or a Drum Healing Session for online readings.  After you have signed up and paid for your session; you and Dolores can schedule your appointment.  Evenings as well as Friday day and weekends are available.   You can pay now and schedule your appointment in November.   Contact Dolores at 239-826-6960

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Dolores will integrate the two type of decks in a regular reading.  If you choose, or you can just pick one of the above decks for your reading

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I’ve had several readings with Dolores, all helpful, but none as powerful as the last one. I was dealing with a significant transition, one that was thrust upon me, and I was feeling anxious and sad. While her reading confirmed much of what I was feeling, she tapped into information that absolutely felt correct, things she couldn’t have known, and it gave us both shivers. That was six months ago, and I’m well along my path and much of what she told me has come true. I recommend Dolores for her compassion and intuition, and oh, by the way, she’s the best massage therapist I’ve ever had! Diane Sweeney – Minnesota

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Looking for a deeper understanding of your life path? I would be happy to offer you a 30 minute consultation on how my 6 Week Clear Intuitive Session can guide and transform you! Call me at 239-826-6960 to schedule today!

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Today I was blessed to have a reading with Dolores!! She used her Moon Oracle deck. It was a reading regarding my path. I cant tell you enough how accurate she and her angels were!! She connected with me very quickly and gave me everything the angels were telling her and WOW amazing! I had been thinking of things and asking for confirmation from my guides and well they came through loud and clear through this reading!! Dolores really helped me to clearly see exactly what was coming through!! Her warm demeanor was so comforting!! Thank you Dolores and the angels….

Melissa Peshka

Journey Coaching Sessions With Spirit – 6 Weeks

Weekly 75 Minute Sessions 

During our time together we will meet weekly for 6 weeks as we explore, activate, ignite and lead us into our Soul’s Path!  Each weekly session will be decided upon for the same night and time; giving you the opportunity to set up the pace of consistency and following through.  In each of the weekly sessions Dolores will begin the session with connecting to your energy and reading the cards; then discussion; then the clear outline you will need to work on in the next week and last the shamanic journey drumming to solidify the session.  This will be done in every session.  Sessions run about 75 minutes.  The Moon Cards will be used as well as the Element Cards to give the outline of what is needed to do.

I had a reading with Dolores J Gozzi and her new beautiful cards – the cards that she pulled for me reached right into what I am experiencing right now and gave great direction for what could be coming up and how to handle it. They were personal and specific- this was no generic reading that could be done by anyone- I highly recommend you see Dolores and get your own reading! Nancy Axelrod – Reiki Practitioner


Here is how we will spend our time:


Week 1

C is for the containment we will begin to create to exclude all external influences and focus on 1-3 items that are in the forefront.  By focusing in on the 1-3 items it helps us to understand how one can process information and allow to let things organically unfold and come to light.

Week 2

L is for love and letting go as well all know in life we have to do this from time to time in order to create a new container and foundation.  This does not mean that we forget; it means we honor and acknowledge the events, people and places in our lives but we do not no longer have the emotional charge or let it control us; they are just a specific chapter in life.

To the World…. I just had a reading from Dolores Gozzi; and She is so in tuned with her gifts; my reading was incredible! Right on the nail! Only a few people know how my gifts come to me from God in a certain way… and Dolores saw it perfectly… Her own energy throughout the reading is amazing in itself… and I HIGHLY recommend you having a reading session with Dolores… Great energy and spot on reading!! Thank you Dolores!!! Melissa Davidson

Week 3

E is for the energetic pattern we will re-pattern and align.  At this point we need to reset the old belief systems; way of thinking or even lifestyle that keeps you in that repetitive cycle.  We will learn to connect to the energy pattern that resides in us and feel into where we need to repattern and begin that process.  Shamanic Drum Ceremony helps with this which Dolores will do in this session.

Week 4

A is for the opportunity to allow yourself to Ascend to your next vibration.  In our soul’s lifetime we have the opportunity to go to different vibrations as we learn and complete our lessons.  This sessions will focus exactly on that new vibration that is coming in and showing you how to work with this vibration.

Week 5

R is for the ritual of your everyday life as you learn to weave it all together.  You will learn to incorporate every aspect of your vibration into what you do in life; personal and professional.  You will begin to look at life through a different lens as you respect the individual you are as well as all the things in life.  Life is a ritual and celebration; learn to incorporate and weave it all together so you can continue to work with the universe with active and receptive!

Week 6

Last ❤ follow your heart and lead with your wisdom.  In this session you will pull in all of the 5 weeks and begin your new journey of life.  You will utilize your sacred medicine which is what you are meant to do in life; and begin using your tools of life which are your gifts!

I was blessed to have my first reading from Dolores Gozzi.  She is such a warm, clear energy and her reading carried that energy.  Every point Dolores  brought up was spot on!  She brought things to the surface, placing seemingly inconsequential issues into context and perspective. Dolores provided suggestions to easily make changes that will propel me along my path.  Her work is valuable and supportive, insightful, imminently useful.  One of the very best readings I have had in my long life!

I wanted to publicly thank you for the excellent Elements reading you did for me. Such a depth and scope of information! The healing energies that came with it, still moving through me. And the drumming to seal it all! Just perfect. Thank you.

Mar-yannu Hathory   

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