Ancestor Sessions

Ancestors are those that once walked the earth and have now departed and are well in spirit.  Ancestors are not limited to blood and bone but can be more impactful for our own well being.  Our ancestors encourage us to reach out so they can support us; they help shape and grow us if we allow the connection.  Our lineage hold the keys to not only our physical characteristics but also our emotional ones as well.

As we journey through our life; there are times that we may feel disconnected to our true being as well as certain fears or traumas we feel might not be ours.  Doing my own ancestor work; I was able to work through certain family traumas that were passed onto me from my ancestors.  Also, while in my mother’s womb her state of being and her fears and traumas were also passed down to me.  In order for me to resolve my emotional feelings that I was not sure of; I had to work with my ancestors as well as my current family and clear not only myself but for future lineages.

To Connect or Not Connect?

Connecting to the ancestors is an important step of repairing your lineage.  Remember your ancestors are in good spirit they are not lingering in pain like ghosts.  Ancestor repair can help those that are living to re-wire and re-set their lineage.  The loving ancestors can also help shoulder some of the burden for those in a position of caring for living family members.

Dolores has done much work in the Ancestor Realm and will be your guide during your journey session.  This session is for those who want to dive deep and explore the truth to repair themselves and their lineage.

General Ancestor Connection – This is a general session to connect to your ancestors to explore and discover what is in your lineage.

Sessions run about 90 minutes.  $150.00  Holiday Special $100.00