Shamanic Work

Plant + Stone Medicine

Our ancestors used the natural resources in their environment for physical, emotional and spiritual practices as a way to engage and connect to the land that sustained them.

As time went they were able to work with different stones and plants in their environment by watching the animals and how they engaged with the plants.  They studied this and then of course experimented finding ways to utilize the plant and stones in their ceremonies and healing sessions.  They listened to their “spirit guides” and received the information on how they needed to work with the land.

Today we have many resources for understanding plants and working with them and the stones and crystals; but each individual has a different calling with them.  Dolores uses her education as well as her intuitive gift of connecting to the spirit of the plant and stone and knowing which ones to use for her client; she is the medium for the client and the living world.

 Dolores incorporates different stones, crystals and plants into a Plant + stone session as well as making a magical herbalism product for you to take home and continue with your session.

Dolores has certifications in aromatherapy as well as magical herbalism; she uses her intuitive gift to help her clients come back into balance.