Drum Healing Circle

Join Dolores, Marshall and Doug from Nature Spirit Drums for this 90 minute drum healing circle. This circle will include one of us playing the ceremonial drum while the other 2 will go around to each person and offer energy work, bowls, rattles and other instruments as we feel that you would need. Sacred smoke is used to open the circle and cleanse and then we begin.

Nature Spirit Drums offers the finest quality handcrafted, Native American Style, Shamanic, Healing, Frame Drums and Rattles. All of our healing tools are lovingly made from high-quality animal hides and wood.

As Reiki Masters and Master Graduates of Deborah King’s Life Force Energy Healing and Life Force Coaching programs, we offer both hands-on and distance, Energy Healing.

Dolores also offers a drum healing circle in which the above is done with partcipants on the drum as well as receiving; check the upcoming schedule for location and what type of circle.