Soulful Spa Day

Soulful Spa Day  – Carve Out Some Sacred Time For Yourself!

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Experience a Sound Healing Session – Afterwards Wine, Cheese & Herbal Tea as you wait for your 10 Minute Amethyst Bio Mat Session-  Sunday Nov. 25 – 2:30 – 5:30 – Limited to 6 Ladies!

Sounds and vibration have been used many centuries by many cultures for rituals, ceremonies or healings. According to Earlham Music College “The theory of music traces its roots to the earliest intellectual pursuits of the human species. When humankind sought to understand the cosmos, it did so through a science of harmonic tone relationship. It sought to both explain and experience the universe as a fundamental vibration, a Primal Sound, which manifested itself in the human world through a relationship of tones. It was understood that through developing ones’ sensitivity to harmonic relationships, a person could come to understand and experience the harmony between heaven and earth. This, in turn, would aid in creating a harmony within the individual and within society.

Dolores Gozzi is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Sacred Guide Women’s Faciltator + Earth Medicine Practitioner with Certifications in Aromatherapy, Energy Work, Nature Based Feminine Leadership Facilitator and Warrior Goddess Facilitator  who Guide Women To Follow Their Heart + Lead With Their Wisdom.

Her path has led her to guide women to follow their heart and lead with their wisdom, through a variety of modalities in Sacred Wisdom and the Divine Feminine Mysteries.  She offers many opportunities and modalities in person and via phone sessions.

Take a break from the outside world to explore, reconnect, remember, heal, and expand your inner landscape.

Bodywork Sessions, Retreats, Workshops, Coaching, Personal Ceremony/House Clearings, Readings