Balanced Harmony

Balanced Harmony – Clearings, Blessings & Ritual

A Practice that creates Sacred Space in your Home/Office and Land

Where Body, Mind and Soul Become One

First time clients receive a Citrine & Black Tourmaline Crystal to place in your space

Dolores uses Earth Based Spirituality Practices in her Clearings/Blessings and Ritual work.  Dolores’s broad knowledge in many different aspects of training in Ritual work helps you to create the perfect solution to your home, office or land!

With the support of Dolores and Nature as your guide we will journey together to your inner compass and bring forth the space you need!

The well-being of an individual encompasses the mind, body and spirit. When one part of this is in turmoil, the rest will follow suit. So, it’s important to create a balance in your life by nurturing the whole person. The spiritual, emotional and physical needs cannot be left out.

I would like to send a huge thank you to Dolores J Gozzi. My learning Center was crazy with negative energy she came over did a cleansing and ever since my Center has been back to it’s amazing self. She made it feel so homie again. This lady is amazing and from my whole staff thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our children are happy parents are happy even the lizards are happy. GOD BLESS .

Lori Gavin, Ft. Myers, Florida  

Sacred Space Defined By Webster Dictionary

A sacred place is first of all a defined place, a space distinguished from other spaces.

The rituals that a people either practice at a place or direct toward it mark its sacredness and differentiate it from other defined spaces.

Dolores I just wanted to let you know that each time I ask for you to come to my place of business to perform a Clearing and Blessing it always amazes me on how you are able to create the right ceremony for the needs of my practice.  I just am so amazed on how effective your Clearings/Blessings are and how each of my employees and clients also notice the sense of calmness and bright vitality my space has due to your keen insight on to not only choose the right words for the ceremony but bring in the inter-activeness for all of us to participate!

Thank you Dolores.

Heidi Hallenborg, Cape Coral, Florida


Home/Office/Land Clearings & Blessings – $75.00 – $175.00images4n3bf5ld

Ritual Work

Nature Creation Coaching

Land Medicine Sits


Although my husband and I had moved to a new home 16 months ago, we decided to have a new house blessing. We felt that it would clear our living space and create sacred space. We were having problems sleeping and felt that there was an indescribable energy clinging inside of the house. When Dolores arrived, we weren’t sure what to expect but immediately she put us at ease. We even took part in the ceremony and included our own rituals. She was very thorough and blessed both the inside and outside of our property. She is very knowledgeable and we even learned a few things. Now we both sleep well each night knowing that the energy has moved on. From the bottom of our hearts – Thank You Dolores! — Zeanna and Bob

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Price range is from $75.00 – $175.00 for a basic Blessing/Clearing

Cermony of Life Appreciation

When my beloved sister passed away unexpectedly our family had our traditional Catholic burial for her in Boston. However for the last 30 years of her life she lived in Southwest Florida. The ocean, spirituality, singing bowls, and crystals became her passion. Her wife and I realized her closest friends had not had closure for their own grieving process.

We decided to have a Celebration of Life Ceremony for her. It would be on the beach, have live music, all her memorabilia, and we would set off sky lanterns, after having a beautiful Drumming Ceremony, right at sunset. We searched the internet for just the right Healing Drummer who would make this evening special. A spiritual healer, at the ocean, on a full moon night. This would be the sendoff my sister would have wanted for herself. When we searched the internet, and found Dolores Gozzi’s website, it was and easy choice. Caring, compassionate, and a Spiritual Healer. Talented Spiritual Drummer. She would be perfect. She returned our call promptly and we set a date.

The night of the Ceremony Dolores mingled with our guests, getting to know my sister through each of us. She felt our energy. When the time was right, we all went out to the beach. The sun was setting in the western sky, and exactly opposite was the full moon rising in the eastern sky. A beautifully colorful sunset. Dolores had us all get into a circle on the beach. She spoke of the love she witnessed that evening for my sister, Mother Earth’s connection to us all with Spirit. Spiritual Energy. Then Dolores then began to drum. With each drum stroke, Dolores was tapping energy from Mother Earth, invigorating each of us, and reconnecting us to the Universe, Spirit, and each other, healing our pain. Thump thump thump. Ever stronger. You could feel that something special was happening. All our hearts swelled. Delores drummed before each person, bowing to my sister’s wife. Some had tears. All felt my sister’s presence. Even the people who were tentative about the ceremony were filled with Spirit that night.

Dolores’s drumming opened our hearts to the healing we all ached for. For those of us left behind. The Sun, the full moon, my sisters mutual love for each of us, the perfect Drummer. All present and congealed through Dolores’s leadership and knowledge of Spirit, Mother Earth, love and caring. Each drum stroke was felt as a beautiful rhythmic thumping of a heartbeat, that of mother nature, our souls, our connection to life on both sides. We were all one. We were all beginning to heal from our loss. We could feel my sister’s soul soaring with happiness, knowing that we, left in the physical world, had a better understanding of her happiness in Spirit World.

Dolores did a wonderful thing for us that night. Her insight into what was needed by us was grasped and acted upon in the best possible way. For that we will be forever grateful to Dolores Gozzi, Spiritual Healer. We will never forget the healing you brought to each of us through your love, knowledge of Spirit, understanding and beautiful Drumming. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Donna Geary, Boston Massachusetts.