Acceptance Series

As we mature, we become more self-aware and grow to understand that true beauty comes from within. Ideally, we find peace with who we are—able to appreciate our own unique beauty. But, many of us are uncomfortable with the aging process and find it difficult to accept the changes occurring in our bodies. The question to ask is, “How do I want to feel about myself?”

Embracing our inner beauty influences how we perceive our physical selves and how others perceive us. The more we accept and love ourselves, the more our Soul and inner beauty are able to shine through, radiating as a sparkling twinkle that lights up our eyes.

Essences can help us become aware of self-judgment and the patterns and belief systems that fuel it. They can stimulate us to find new ways of seeing our lives and ourselves and assist us as we learn to embrace aging gracefully.

Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.” — David Bowie

Alaska Essence has six essences to help us accept who we are, turn judgment into appreciation, tap into our inner truth, stand in our power, and let our authentic inner beauty shine through regardless of age or gender.

This information and essence we will be working with are from Alaska Essence

Journey on this 6 Week Series that starts around the Autumn Equinox signup soon!  This is part of my Alchemy of the Senses; each week we work with a difference essence and connect to our sensory by the sacred instruments to release and accept.

Columbine – accepting our unique and personal beauty
A constantly changing vision of the ‘perfect human’ is the engine that drives the fashion and cosmetic industries. Cultural conditioning causes us to judge our appearance by arbitrary standards and we can get caught up in the attainment of perfection. But, focusing on physical perfection keeps us from seeing and appreciating the most valuable part of ourselves and others-the eternal Soul that shines from within. Columbine teaches us that the unique spiritual qualities of each person are not limited by any perceived physical imperfections. It reminds us to be uniquely ourselves and to appreciate that uniqueness, regardless of how it differs from the norm.

Alpine Azalea – accepting the totality of oneself, without conditions
The Alpine Azalea essence is helpful when we place conditions on our own self-love and acceptance. It connects us with the vibration of Love as it is present in all the kingdoms of nature. As we open our hearts to this penetrating energy, it is able to catalyze the release of old patterns of self-doubt and strengthen the overall flow of vital life energy within us. This essence helps us create an unconditional level of self-understanding and compassion. As we learn to accept and love ourselves we are able to draw more of the spirit of Love into our bodies, where it can serve as a powerful source of healing for ourselves and others.

Pyrite – remaining true to our values despite peer pressure
Pyrite is a helpful essence when we are easily influenced by others and can’t make decisions by ourselves. Or when we’re involved in relationships that are not in our highest good and we find it difficult to stand up for ourselves. This essence is especially useful when we need to deactivate a value system we inherited from our ancestors or society. Pyrite will help us determine our own inner values and align our choices and actions with our inner truth. It strengthens self-esteem and self-trust and helps us to be true to ourselves.

Lace Flower – releasing negative self-image
This tiny little flower is often overlooked. One can easily walk by without noticing this wonderful little flower. But, even the tiniest plant, insect, or mineral is a marvel of creation, adding significance to the whole. The same is true for us, even if we feel insignificant and unsure about how our personal or professional contributions fit into the whole. The essence of Lace Flower is especially helpful when we have issues of extremely low self-esteem and self-worth that arise from cultural bias, prejudice, favoritism at work, or when we are dominated by a family member. Lace Flower helps us get back in touch with the core of our inner worth. There, we can express our unique talents and abilities with grace, poise, and humility. Our true importance is not based on whether we are seen, but on the quality of our expression. Belief in ourselves is more important than artificial and capricious methods of approval by the people around us.

Moonstone – strengthening feminine energy in the body
Most modern cultures overemphasize the masculine. We learn to push ourselves to do more and to be strong and productive at all costs. This kind of forced activity doesn’t allow for the natural ebb and flow of energy that the feminine represents. The feminine is about waiting, watching, allowing, and receiving-opening up to, rather than forcing. Moonstone essence brings us in contact with a healthy, natural, and instinctual feminine energy in both men and women. This can then coax the masculine to slow down, pause, and recreate. Moonstone helps us embody and ground this feminine power and grace into our bodies to achieve a level of emotional equanimity where we are more able to practice non-reactivity and acceptance of what is in the present moment.

Redoubt Volcano – let go of resistance to change and transformation

Nothing can stop a volcano from erupting. This essence, made from and during the 2009 eruptions of the Redoubt Volcano in south-central Alaska, teaches us to surrender to the natural forces beyond our comprehension and control. In doing so, we align with their magical and transformative power. The essence of Redoubt Volcano calms and soothes our doubts, anxieties, and fears as we confront the inevitability of change happening in our lives and on earth.

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