Wild Free and Me Sistership Circle

Join Dolores in this monthly circle that focuses on connecting you to your authentic self!  Do you want to feel the wild and free side of yourself and know what it is like to be you!

Participate in a circle that supports your creativity while providing a non-judgmental safe environment as you explore the other side of yourself; through activities and meditations that activate your soul’s essence!

December Circle Gathering  – Sat. Dec 16 1-4

Winter Solstice – meet your shadow and learn from her wisdom

Intention: In this ritual, you will meet your shadow and learn from her wisdom. You can no longer hide and its only by owning your shadow that you will become fully embodied. This a powerful time to surrender into the depths of your being and emerge more integrated and whole.

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A monthly gathering of bringing like minded women to come together in spirit and community to connect to each other and source and be part of a “Sisterhood Tribe”. As we explore and awaken the power, presence, divine essence to reclaim the wisdom that lies in each woman’s nature so she can move to the rhythm(s) in her own life.