Warrior Goddess

Become The Woman You Are Meant To Be

Walking the Warrior Goddess path is a process, one that starts with the commitment to empower ourselves and continues to ask us to recommit to our healing and truth every time we face a new and often unexpected challenge.  Each time we recommit to ourselves, things change on the inside.  We begin a process of realigning ourselves to our authentic power, and holding ourselves in a new way!

Quoted by Heather Ash Amara

 From the book Warrior Goddess Training by Heather Ash Amara:

Warrior Goddess Training book
Warrior energy is our power: focus, dedication, purpose, determination. When we harness our warrior energy we are confident, clear, and bring 100 percent of ourselves to each action.

Goddess energy is our creative flow: unconditional love, pleasure, passion, wisdom. When we claim our goddess energy we live in joyful self-acceptance, self-respect, and listen to our innermost knowing.

Intro to Warrior Goddess Training (1.5 Hour Class) $27.00

Enroll in the 1.5 hour class for $27.00 and then receive Reclaim 1 Day Workshop for $100.00

Reclaim Your Wholeness with Warrior Goddess Training (Full Day)  $127.00

Join certified Warrior Goddess facilitator Dolores J Gozzi for an inspirational, experiential day on living from your essence, rather than from your fear. Reclaim Your Wholeness is more than a class; it is an interactive, inspirational, head to toe re-wiring to get you back into integrity as the artist of your spirit and the creator of your dream.

From a shamanic point of view, everything is about energy. When we don’t have enough energy, we cannot create conscious change in our life. When we are vibrant and full, anything is possible. Each of us has a fire within, and everything we do either feeds and nourishes our fire, or diminishes and dampens our fire. When we go beyond story, worry, and trying to figure things out we can move into a realm of perceiving energy directly, and know at a deep level how to be true to our precious inner spark.

You will leave Reclaim Your Wholeness:

  • Re-wired with a new, tangible pathway to commit to yourself and your purpose.
  • Re-inspired to take actions that dissolve judgment, fear, and scarcity thinking so you can access your innate wisdom
  • Re-connected to your wholeness, your vitality, and your joyful essence.

Join a group of Warrior Goddesses for an day of reclaiming and igniting your inner fire. You will learn how to clear out internal stagnation and procrastination, connect to your creativity, and hone your ability to set purposeful intent.

In each of these trainings you will “Reclaim your freedom and walk your path as you ignite the Warrior Goddess within.”  Join me on this self discovery as we connect to the heart of your wounds and travel to the depth of your soul!

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Warrior Goddess Foundations Class
The Art of Reclaiming Your Warrior Goddess Self
4 week series 


You are whole. You are powerful. You are divine. When you read these words do you feel the truth of them ringing in your bones? Or do you feel the muffling weight of self-judgment and self-doubt, the deep-marrow fear of not being good enough, and the exhaustion of seeking your value outside of yourself?

If you don’t love and honor yourself with every fiber of your being, if you could use more joyful play and simple presence in your life, if you struggle with owning your power and passion, then it is time for an inner revolution. It is time to claim your Warrior Goddess energy.

As women we are searching for a new freedom, the freedom from self-judgment, comparison, and struggle. The freedom from trying to take care of everyone else and forgetting ourselves in the process. The freedom to be the women we are meant to be. Imagine giving yourself this freedom: to be you, 100%, and to love all of you. Yes, you can learn to love and accept all of you. Join in a dynamic, experiential class series where together we will create a new foundation for healing, power, and transformation.

In this four-part series you will learn how to:

  • Commit to yourself with compassion and humor
  • Unwind old agreements and beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Find your authentic expression
  • Walk with joy on your path of transformation, even when it is challenging

Warrior Goddess Manifesto

I hereby commit to fully embody my warrior goddess self.
From this moment forward, I will do my best to:              warrior goddess way

  • no longer abandon myself
  • learn to love the beginnings and the endings
  • treat myself as a temple
  • stay grounded and present
  • honor my sassy, sweet fire
  • own my strength and vulnerability
  • open my heart to all of life
  • speak my deepest truths
  • listen to the wisdom within
  • claim my unique path and
  • walk the warrior goddess way

I look forward to learning and exploring with all of you. I love embracing the inner flame and passion that lies in each of us!